Europe unemployment

Unemployment in Europe continues to fall

Eurostat have released figures showing unemployment has continued to fall gradually across Europe. Unemployment across the EU 28 members - that is, all EU countries...

International students to the UK may face tighter visa restrictions

Despite protests by several university leaders, the UK government plans to reduce the number of migrants - bizarrely including international students.
EU referendum energy

EU referendum could cost UK £500 million extra in energy bills after Brexit

A report commissioned by the National Grid has claimed that the UK could face up to £500 million in extra energy bills if it...
TTIP Obama

Obama pushes TTIP in Germany as French minister says deal is “fading”

US President Barack Obama has wrapped up two days in Germany promoting the TTIP (Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership) free trade deal amid protests. Obama previously...

Inflation down to -0.2% across Europe

Inflation fell in April from March by .02% across the EU, Eurostat figures show. Seventeen member states of the European Union showed negative interest rates,...
George Osborne spending review 2015

Spending Review 2015: Osborne aims for “a country that lives within its means”

George Osborne announces an ambitious £20 billion in savings by 2020 in the 2015 spending review.
Stock market shanghai Shanghai Composite Index

Stock market selloff: China sends the world markets tumbling

The ongoing Chinese market falls are not just an economic concern – but also a test of the Chinese Communist Party’s control.
Alexis Tsipras greece prime minister Syriza

Syriza divided over new EU bailout

Alexis Tsipras is battling his own party, Syriza, to pass an austerity package in return for EU funds.

Alexis Tsipras to step down as leader of Greece

Alexis Tsipras has announced he will step down as Prime Minister of Greece, with elections to be held on September 20th.