Ukraine receives an extra €20 million in assistance from the EU

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The European Commission has announced an increase in humanitarian aid for Ukraine, aimed at those affected by the civil war.

Underscoring their commitment to assisting Ukraine, the EC stated that around 3.1 million Ukrainians are in need of support due to the ongoing conflict.

The new €20 million brings the total EC humanitarian assistance to date to €63 million. The commission estimated that 55% of the Commission’s funds will go to people in rebel held areas.

In addition, Ukrainian refugees in Belarus and Russia will receive some of the funds indirectly through Red Cross organisations.

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Total assistance from EU members has reached €146 million since the conflict in Ukraine began in 2014. The Ukrainian civil conflict revolves around those who want closer EU ties, and those who desire more integration with Russia.

Ukraine is in the European Neighbourhood Policy, a ring of countries around the EU that receive financial assistance, and some of whom (like Ukraine) are seeking EU membership.

The European Union and Ukraine have sought closer ties since the early 1990s, with the signing of a free-trade agreement in January.