Belarus protests as Russia quietly plans air force base

Belarus Russia air base
Russian plans to build an air base in Belarus have been met with protests, as the country increases its military presence in the area.

Brexit fears grow as majority of Tory MPs undecided on EU membership

UK EU membership is in peril, as a majority of Tory MPs are undecided and pro-membership campaigners express fears of economic damage caused by a Brexit.

International students to the UK may face tighter visa restrictions

Despite protests by several university leaders, the UK government plans to reduce the number of migrants - bizarrely including international students.

Alexis Tsipras wins snap Greek election

Alexis Tsipras has won another term as Prime Minister of Greece, despite opposition from other parties and within his own.

Calls for a unified EU refugees policy grow

Calls are growing for a complete overhaul of EU asylum rules in the face of unprecedented numbers of refugees seeking entry to the European Union. Italy, France, and Germany have all stated that a better, more unified policy is necessary to deal with refugees – both economic and migrants. Germany in particular is expected to have more than 800,000 migrants this...

Estonia plans complete border fence with Russia

Estonia plans to construct a border fence after Russia controversially jails an Estonian security agent, the government has revealed.

Immigration report shows record numbers coming to the UK

Immigration stats from the British Office for National Statistics shows "significant" rises in the number of EU citizens coming to the UK this year.

Serbia and Kosovo sign “landmark” EU-brokered deal

Serbia and Kosovo have made steps forward in major economic, political and social areas as both seek EU membership.

Migration crisis: Germany suggests bringing back national border controls

Migration Angela Merkel
Germany has suggested reinstating national borders as leaders meet to discuss the migration crisis affecting Europe.

Stock market selloff: China sends the world markets tumbling

Stock market shanghai Shanghai Composite Index
The ongoing Chinese market falls are not just an economic concern – but also a test of the Chinese Communist Party’s control.