Tunnel trouble: Man dies as thousands attempt Channel Tunnel crossing

A man has died after over 1500 migrants attempted to sneak into restricted Channel Tunnel areas to get to Britain this week. Both the French and British governments are scrambling to secure the entrance at Calais, while both have been pointing the finger at one another.

Syriza divided over new EU bailout

Alexis Tsipras greece prime minister Syriza
Alexis Tsipras is battling his own party, Syriza, to pass an austerity package in return for EU funds.

ECHR rules in favour of Italian same-sex couples

ECHR rules in favour of same-sex couples in Italy
The European Court of Human Rights has back same-sex couples in Italy, finding their lack of recognition to be a violation of their human rights.

Spending Review 2015: Osborne aims for “a country that lives within its means”

George Osborne spending review 2015
George Osborne announces an ambitious £20 billion in savings by 2020 in the 2015 spending review.

Decrypting the Investigatory Powers Bill: What’s at stake?

Theresa May investigatory powers bill 2015
The U.K. government is seeking to ban encrypted data, with the Investigatory Powers Bill, formerly known as the Snooper's Charter but what effect could it have on popular online services?

TTIP: MEPs want better access to U.S. markets, investor-state dispute reform, protection of EU standards

Bernd Lange discusses the TTIP
The European Parliament has laid out requests in a number of areas for continuing TTIP negotiations.

News in brief: European Council agrees to new data rules, end mobile roaming charges by 2017

Data Roaming
The European Council drafts tough regulations for mobile phone roaming, net neutrality.