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Schengen controls extend as calls grow for unified “European Border and...

Internal Schengen border controls will be extended for six months, the European Commission announced on Wednesday. The Schengen Area provides passport-free travel amongst 26 European countries...

Visa-free travel for Turks going to Europe

The European Commission will press ahead with visa-free travel for Turkish citizens under conditions related to the migrant influx, as part of a controversial EU-Turkey deal. This...

European Union promises €700 million refugee aid for Greece

The European Commission has announced over €700 million in aid to help Greece deal with over 50,000 migrants. EU Commissioner for Humanitarian Aid and Crisis Management,...

Ukraine receives an extra €20 million in assistance from the EU

The European Commission has announced an increase in humanitarian aid for Ukraine, aimed at those affected by the conflict in Eastern Ukraine.

Ukraine and EU begin implementing wide-ranging free trade deal

Ukraine and the European Union have begun implementation of a treaty designed to reduce trade barriers, despite Russian worries.

Hungary stops migrants from Serbia with 100 mile fence

Hungary is building a 100 mile razor wire fence along its border with Serbia in an attempt to stop a flow of refugees.

Europe moves toward a unified migrants policy, but divisions remain

The European Commission has approved funding to help members deal with the influx of migrants, but member states fear not enough is being done.

TTIP: MEPs want better access to U.S. markets, investor-state dispute reform,...

The European Parliament has laid out requests in a number of areas for continuing TTIP negotiations.