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European Union promises €700 million refugee aid for Greece

The European Commission has announced over €700 million in aid to help Greece deal with over 50,000 migrants. EU Commissioner for Humanitarian Aid and Crisis Management,...

IMF fears Greece “disaster” in leaked meeting transcript

Wikileaks has published an meeting transcript from the International Monetary Fund (IMF) between two top officials over the state of Greece, causing the Greek government...

Mediterranean refugee crossings halve in March, figures show

Refugees arrivals from across the Mediterranean halved in March compared to the previous month, according to newly released UNHCR figures. The UN agency reported that...

Unemployment figures across Europe ease down, slowly

Unemployment figures fell to their lowest in four years across Europe, but youth unemployment remains a massive problem in austerity-battered countries.

Alexis Tsipras wins snap Greek election

Alexis Tsipras has won another term as Prime Minister of Greece, despite opposition from other parties and within his own.

Alexis Tsipras to step down as leader of Greece

Alexis Tsipras has announced he will step down as Prime Minister of Greece, with elections to be held on September 20th.

Syriza divided over new EU bailout

Alexis Tsipras is battling his own party, Syriza, to pass an austerity package in return for EU funds.