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More than 90% of migrants use criminal networks to get to...

A joint Europol-Interpol report found that more than 90% of migrants crossing into Europe do so using criminal organisations. The report on the extraordinary crisis interviewed 1,500...

International students to the UK may face tighter visa restrictions

Despite protests by several university leaders, the UK government plans to reduce the number of migrants - bizarrely including international students.

Calls for a unified EU refugees policy grow

Calls are growing for a complete overhaul of EU asylum rules in the face of unprecedented numbers of refugees seeking entry to the European Union. Italy,...

Migration crisis: Germany suggests bringing back national border controls

Germany has suggested reinstating national borders as leaders meet to discuss the migration crisis affecting Europe.

Europe moves toward a unified migrants policy, but divisions remain

The European Commission has approved funding to help members deal with the influx of migrants, but member states fear not enough is being done.