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NATO considers military buildup in Eastern Europe to counter Russian threats

U.S. Defense Secretary Ashton Carter has said NATO will consider increasing its military presence in the border regions of Eastern Europe to counter increased Russian...

US sends advanced warplanes to Romania

Two of the most advanced warplanes on the planet have arrived in Romania alongside a refuelling plane, as the US seeks to reassure the...

Russian helicopters reportedly violate Polish airspace near Kaliningrad

Russian helicopters allegedly violated Polish airspace last week, according to a Polish publication. The incident occurred near the exclave of Kaliningrad on the Baltic...

U.S. Military announces increase in troops for Eastern Europe

The U.S. Military will step up patrols in Eastern Europe to counter “an aggressive Russia”, The U.S. Department of Defense has said. The increase comes...

Poland revokes pledge to accept refugees after Brussels attacks

Prime Minister Beata Szydło has stated that Poland will not take any refugees, a day after the terror attacks on Brussels. In January, Szydło announced that 400...

NATO Missile Defense: what is it, and why is it so...

NATO is pushing ahead with missile defense sites across Eastern Europe - but what does it protect against, and why has it been so controversial?

Poland willing to accept worker benefit restrictions for NATO bases

Poland has expressed that it could accept restrictions on migrant benefits in return for permanent NATO bases and troops in the country.

NATO warns Russia over Turkish airspace intrusion, Syria bombing campaign

NATO has warned Russia after jets intrude on Turkish airspace, and Russia continues Syrian bombing campaign.

Belarus protests as Russia quietly plans air force base

Russian plans to build an air base in Belarus have been met with protests, as the country increases its military presence in the area.