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Three months on, Brexit remains more elusive than ever

If a week is a long time in politics, then surely three months is a millennium. But that is precisely how much time has...

Nicky Morgan UK Education Secretary: Brexit will lead to “lost generation”

UK Education Secretary Nicky Morgan has emphasised the benefits of EU membership, and warned of a possible “lost generation” in the UK should it...

Poland willing to accept worker benefit restrictions for NATO bases

Poland has expressed that it could accept restrictions on migrant benefits in return for permanent NATO bases and troops in the country.

European Court of Justice upholds ban on prisoner votes

The European Court of Justice has ruled that laws preventing prisoners from voting can continue across all member states.

Brexit fears grow as majority of Tory MPs undecided on EU...

UK EU membership is in peril, as a majority of Tory MPs are undecided and pro-membership campaigners express fears of economic damage caused by a Brexit.

Europe moves toward a unified migrants policy, but divisions remain

The European Commission has approved funding to help members deal with the influx of migrants, but member states fear not enough is being done.

Tunnel trouble: Man dies as thousands attempt Channel Tunnel crossing

A man has died after over 1500 migrants attempted to sneak into restricted Channel Tunnel areas to get to Britain this week. Both the French and British governments are scrambling to secure the entrance at Calais, while both have been pointing the finger at one another.