Canoo plans to revitalize the uptake rate of electric vehicles by redesigning them and introducing subscriptions

The pandemic has resulted in the drop in electric vehicles’ uptake, with most people resorting to car-renting and partial ownership rather than purchasing. People have this idea that 2020 is not the right period to purchase a car. Canoo’s Alex Marcinkowski is among the people who think that this concept is genuine. Canoo has also shown this idea by amalgamating with Hennessey Capital Acquisition Corp. As a SPAC agreement.

Canoo intends to utilize the new capital to develop the chassis for its new electric vehicle project. The firm is planning to grow in this pandemic season and develop a new breed of reliable EVs. Marcinkowski explained to PYMNTS that they are venturing the idea of making their vehicles leasable and diverting their total sale efforts to partial ownership.

Marcinkowski explained that since fixed assets are getting more immovable, they utilized this opportunity to tap into the partial ownership market and create a subscription plan for their cars. Marcinkowski explains that this trend attracts more cash into the system. With the current subscription plan for their new vehicle, consumers are joining the Canoo plan to purchase sedans and SUVs for their delivery jobs and rideshare opportunities.

Canoo will be taking customer service to the next level by registering all its Evs with its name and giving maintenance and repair services to minimize the electric vehicles’ cash price. This move by the firm will facilitate the high uptake of the company’s vehicles. Additionally, the firm will be offering after-sale services like delivery of the EV at its customers’ comfort.

Furthermore, Marcinkowski states that the difference between Canoo’s lease services and those of its rivals also entails the provision of insurance services and quick access to the charging stations affiliated to this firm. 

Onto other matters, the chassis developed by Canoo is so advanced that the Hyundai Motor Group is partnering with it to produce electric vehicles with the next level of ingenuity. The agreement provides that Canoo must deliver on its engineering services to Hyundai to generate sustainable electric vehicles.

Apart from the above collaboration, Canoo is building on making its subscription to its services a piece of cake. The firm plans to do this by automating its subscription process and designing a car, explicitly operating under the subscription service.

In conclusion, the crucial strategy that can boast over other firms is that they are a direct-to-consumer module and can identify the consumer tastes and preferences before developing the customized products that customers love.