Energy companies agree to support the development of the interstate EV charging network to facilitate clean transportation.

The Midwest will be a place to tour with your electric vehicle since six companies have agreed to develop a massive network of electric vehicle charging facilities to solve the problem of range anxiety. The six companies are Evergy and Oklahoma Gas and Electric, Ameren Missouri, DTE Energy, Ameren Illinois, and Consumers Energy. 

The chief of Ameren Corporation, Warner Baxter, stated that his firm is ready to champion for a future where the society can access clean energy at affordable prices. He added that his firm readily agreed to the combined efforts to ensure the transportation industry utilizes green energy in its operations to minimize greenhouse gas emissions resulting from using fossil fuels. 

Ameren’s plan to achieve net-zero emissions involves the transportation industry’s electrification, which cancels out the pollutive fuels minimizing emissions. Research by the Edison Electric Institute (EEI) shows that over one million electric cars are in the US market with a significant percentage on the roads. To allow close to 20 million electric vehicles into its roads, they must develop about 10 million charging points countrywide to resolve the mileage range anxiety that consumers usually have when traveling for long distances. 

Richard Mark of Ameren Illinois revealed that the company has been designing a framework where the grid can accommodate the customer needs by delivering green energy for electric vehicle consumption. He explained that they are primarily entering this joint venture to pioneer the quick uptake of electric vehicles by consumers to activate the transition to clean energy. 

The chief of Ameren Missouri, Marty Lyons, stated that his company’s promise of sending emission-free vehicles to the American roads would proceed swiftly if they enter this contract. He reiterated that their customers would no longer fear taking long trips through the Midwest region, and they will also be enjoying clean energy resources. This factor enables them to attain the climatic objectives they set while establishing the company. 

All the programs that will be developing from this cooperation among the six companies will require various stakeholders’ approval before the charging stations become operational. Research shows that more electric car models will enter the auto industry market since the clean energy transition will make the carmakers competitive and innovative. 

Tom Kuhn of the Edison Electric Institute stated that switching to clean energy will help the customers avoid several costs that they would have incurred while using ICE cars. Some of the costs include fuel costs and maintenance costs, including a change in the combustion system. 

To sum up, EEI is entering this partnership to take some critical lessons on improving its fleet’s transition through electrification. The Ameren group of companies hope to produce more models that utilize the electric charging station network that they will be developing.