Ardent Mills sustainability report with a special focus on the Electricity

Sustainability initiative programs have led to the launching of corporate social responsibility programs of Ardent Mills. It aims at laying a foundation for sustainable developments in Colorado US. Ardent Mills focuses on three significant pillars, which include; nutrition, sustainability, and people. The company’s goal is to power US electricity usage by 50% renewable sources by 2025. The mills have made significant process in the social and sustainability sectors. 

Ardent mill programs focus on the commitment of bringing a positive change to industries as well as meeting the needs of customers in the community. The nutritional goal aims at nurturing and gaming trust from its consumers, customers, and the community as a whole. This goal helps raise awareness about food insecurity, donating foodstuffs to people around Canada, the United States, and Puerto Rico during this pandemic of COVID 19. The programs teach the rising generation how to improve agriculture to create a sustainable food economy, hence kicking out hunger. As of 2015, Ardent Mills has held charity golf tournaments in honor of auctioning the food banks.  The tournaments were canceled due to the COVID 19 pandemic as the demand for food keeps increasing. However, Ardent Mills has donated $250,000 for 1 million meals.

The people’s pillar focuses mainly on providing resources and tools to people who practice agri-business. This pillar is one of the priorities of ardent mill programs as it networks to develop and engage opportunities for the upcoming generation. The key goals the people’s pillar points out is; promoting future farmers of America, supporting agriculture future of America, learning life skills with national agriculture in the classroom, and building healthy lifestyles for the boys and girls of metro Denver.

The final pillar is about sustainability. Ardent mills program seeks to protect the long-term viability of the food system and the supply chain. The pillar also focuses on transportation, logistics, procurement, agriculture, and other operations. It aims at reducing inefficiency, improve sustainability, promote customer’s goals, and impact communities positively on its activities.

Ardent mills’ first public renewable energy goal is to make 50% of US electricity usage from renewable sources. The company is working hard to fulfill this goal by integrating a mix of projects, including sourcing renewable energy directly, involving the community in solar projects, and supporting green claims. The company has an essential role in the food system and supply chain. Therefore, it strives to incorporate global networks to nourish a positive change in sustainability, nutrition, and supporting the people in the food sector.