SpaceX astronauts set to vote on space

More than twenty years of human space operation have provided social advantages that enhance the value of the planet’s existence. Essential expertise and technologies for improving satellite networking, GPS navigation, and developments in weather prediction have been introduced by the earliest satellites, intended to research the planet’s atmosphere and evaluate initial technologies in Earth orbit. 

On the other hand, modern scientific and technical awareness of fundamental importance to humanity has been generated by space flight complexities, contributing to a greater understanding of our world and the solar system in which humanity resides. Awareness, combined with creativity, offers strategies and valuable goods and utilities to individuals around the globe. New insights on our individually and collectively positioned Cosmos have also been developed through space travel knowledge.

SpaceX is recently set to launch three astronauts into space, including Michael Hopkins, Shannon Walker, and Victor Glover, to the International Space Station. Crew 1 mission is the initial spacecraft to be launched by Crew Dragon spacecraft. Walker stated that the entire crew is planning to vote from space since NASA works effectively with different election institutions. 

Kate Rubins, a fellow NASA astronaut, stated that she would also participate in space voting. Kate added that voting in space is simple since she voted the last time she was in space. She said that an astronaut receives an electronic file in a PDF containing the candidates’ names. The astronaut marks the choices and emails the agent responsible for the county elections.

Additionally, the mission control aids in the process by sending the document to the crew members and transmitted to the county agent in charge of the election. Conversely, the Crew 1 spacecraft will be a breakthrough to SpaceX as it marks the initial crewed spacecraft in the Crew Dragon spaceflight. The crew one mission will be on 31st October 2020 and will occur in Kennedy Space Centre based in Florida.

The launch of the crew 1 mission follows the successful deployment of SpaceX’s Demo-2 operation. The Demo-2 success mission ascertained that the Crew Dragon spacecraft is equipped to successfully launch astronauts into the International Space Station and safely return them to earth. Although SpaceX is a private space company, it contracts with NASA to help the company launch astronauts in space. SpaceX and Boeing are the only private space companies contracted by NASA to deploy astronauts to space and beyond.